Phoenix Restoration's Psychopathic Liar

I am the O.P. from the other post and I’m responding to the comment about Paul Klann being a psychopath. Thank you for that. I can’t say for sure if he is or not but after some reflection I believe it. He does have some sort of fetish with using the word family. He once told me we were so close, we feel like family so he would be there for me as a mentor even if our relationship ran its natural course. Of course, this turned out to be a lie. Whether or not he meant it when he said it, who knows? I’m leaning towards the psychopath theory. It really does seem that way. What I’m sure of is that he is unethical and dishonest. If anyone else has been suckered in by this man, I encourage you to share. There is no need to feel humiliated like I once was.

2 thoughts on “Phoenix Restoration's Psychopathic Liar”

  1. LMAO! I used to know Walter’s boys, Paul and Trevor. Their dad Walter was a rough around the edges racist. Trevor used to brag about his gang relations in Abbotsford. Bacon Brothers & United Nations. Trevor and Paul played poker as a part of their money laundering scheme. I wouldn’t be surprised if Phoenix Restorations was built upon ill gotten gains.

  2. Paul Klann was like David chasing after Lana on 90 day fiance. Paul’s wife, Irina was so p****d off when he asked for a pre-nup before they got married. She was already researching ways to invalidate it before the papers were signed.

    Irina hates Trevor so much and s**t talks him every chance she gets. Irina blames Trevor for advising Paul to get a pre-nup. Paul also s**t talks Trevor. Tells everyone what a loser he is. Everyone knows Paul took Trevor to court. Hilarious to hear Paul f*s around on Irina. There is no reason to feel bad for Irina tho. She is as conniving and proud of it. She has no interest in touching Paul, believe me.

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